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Professional Simple and Honest

Professional legal services, taking advantage of the experience we have accumulated in our areas of expertise, with intention to finalize in the best possible way the legal controversy that interferes our clients to continue with his life and business. Full cooperation with the customer expressed by simplicity and honesty, without complex sentences that tell the customer nothing.

bar el yaron, law office


Full transparency. All documents including contracts, letters and court claims are open to our clients (using a unique password) and he can view them anytime and anywhere.

Bar el yaron,  advocate

Yaron Bar el, attorney at law

Born in 1971, former senior executive in the field hi-tech and public relations. Specializes in Commercial and civil Law, contracts and corporate Law with litigation. Founded the office in 2004 and since then represents large commercial companies alongside private people who seek high-quality legal.

our expertise - commercial and civil law litigation

Unique expertise in commercial and civil law in Israel. Over 14 years of experience  of litigation in courts and a deep understanding of the business reality the our clients face each and every day. Here are our firm's areas of expertise:

עורך דין חוזים 9

contract law

Many years of experience in diverse contracts and contract law cases, including litigation. 

Read more in our Contract lawyer page.

עורך דין חברות 9

Corporate Law

Corporates establishment, Firms and Shareholders representation and litigation.

Read more on our Corporate lawyer page.

עורך דין הוצאה לפועל 9

Execution Office Law

Representation and litigation for debtors and creditors with the execution office.

Read more on our Execution office lawyer page

Many years of experience in diverse contracts and contract law cases including litigation.

עורך דין פשיטת רגל 9

Bankruptcy Law

Representation and litigation with bankruptcy proceedings, getting the discharge of debt order.

Read more on our Bankruptcy lawyer page.

עורך דין מקרקעין 9

Real Estate Law

Editing various real estate contracts and litigation with cases regarding real estate laws.

Read more on our Real estate lawyer page.

עורך דין עובדים זרים

Foreign Workers Law

Consultation for employers and litigation regarding charges based on Israeli foreign workers laws.

Read more on our foreign workers lawyer page.

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