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bar el yaron, law office - commercial law services

We have broad experience in the various aspects of commercial and civil law in Israel. our areas of expertise are as follows:

עורך דין עריכת חוזים

Contract Lawyer in Israel

Yaron, has more than 15 years of experience as a lawyer in Israel, handling various cases relating to contract law. Our office deals with preparation, editing and reviewing contracts. we also handle representation and litigation in complex disputes relating to enforcement or cancellation of contracts. Here are some of the agreements we deal with, in and outside of court:

commercial agreements | Founders Agreements | prenuptial agreements | investment contracts | share purchase agreements| loan agreements | partnership agreements | franchise agreements | development agreements | sale and purchase of an apartment contracts | arbitration Contracts | Financial relations agreements| Real Estate agreements | and more ...

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Corporate Lawyer in Israel

For more than 15 years now, Mr. Yaron Bae El, as a lawyer in Israel, represent companies and shareholder's in and outside of court regarding legalcorporate cases, always with a business way of thinking. our office is an expert in corporate law proceedings in Israel, starting from Registration of Companies through dealing with government departments, representing companies with business disputes and handing cases for individual or minority shareholders in courts.  We work in the background, allowing the company managers legal peace of mind to continue the company growth and prosperity. 

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עורך דין הוצאה לפועל 6

Debtors / Creditors Representation 

Debtors representation with execution office procedures by a lawyer in Israel: Debt annulment and discharge from debts in accordance with the new execution office procedure | Abolition of restrictions on bank accounts | Abolishing restrictions on the driving license | Lien Cancellation on bank account | Debt agreements with banks and other creditors. Creditors Representation in the execution office: Debt collection for companies, businesses and individuals | Collection services for commercial and individual checks | Arrangements with debtors | appeals on decisions of the Chief Execution Officer.

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עורך דין פשיטת רגל 5

Representation in bankruptcy proceedings

Our office provides representation for debtors in bankruptcy proceedings from start to finish and until receiving the Discharge of debts order from the court. Mr. Yaron Bar El, a lawyer in Israel works hand to hand with our clients finding the fastest and the most effective way to put all debts behind him – making it possible for them to start a fresh start, free of debts. Among other actions we take in bankruptcy cases we can mention the following: Complete examination of all debts and creditors | freezing all the execution office leans and proceedings | Protecting the debtor and his family house | reviewing all debt claims | Cancellation of orders preventing our clients to leave Israel, restrictions on bank account and driver's license.

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Real Estate Lawyer in Israel

Mr Yaron Bar El, a leading lawyer in Israel has extensive experience in a variety of areas related to real estate law in both stages: The editing and signing of the contract stage and in the next stage, when unfortunately, there are disagreements between the parties, and they find themselves in court. The unique expertise of our office dealing with real estate contracts on the one hand and litigation in court with countless diverse legal issues relating to contracts on the other hand, is a winning combination. We can offer our clients one of the most important value of any contract: if it comes to this, the contract will stand the test of court.

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Foreign Workers Lawyer

We have more than 15 years experience representing employers who were accused by the Ministry of Industry. Mr. Yaron Bar El, a lawyer in Israel specialize in the Israeli Foreign Workers Law, for unlawfully employing foreign workers. We also edit and submit requests to cancel fines for employing foreign workers.


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