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Bankruptcy proceedings Lawyer in Israel

The decision to start proceedings for bankruptcy is not always easy. After 14 years of experience as a bankruptcy law office in Israel we are well aware at the difficulties of going to this process. There for we make sure that every client, undergoing bankruptcy procedures, gets our full personal attention. It should be noted that the reformed bankruptcy procedures make the whole process much more effective for all sides, and this is very good news. It is now possible, with relative ease, to start over with a clean slate and go on with their lives, free of debts. 

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Bankruptcy Representation

Our bankruptcy proceedings representation provides a comprehensive strategy. From getting the file to our care to getting the final release from debts by the court. With the arrival of the case to our office we first locate the right track and the most effective way to take finalize all debts. Under certain conditions Mr. Yaron Bar El, as a lawyer in Israel usually reach an agreement with creditors out of court, and the results certainly impressive.

Below are some of the procedures taken by us in bankruptcy cases: Testing and editing application for bankruptcy | cancelling all execution office proceedings against the debtor | protecting the residence house of the debtor and his family | further investigation (in addition to checking of the Trustee) of debt claims from the creditors | cancellation of an order to leave the country and restrictions on the Bank account and driving license | regular contact with the special administrator and the receiver throughout the bankruptcy process.


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