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עורך דין עריכת חוזים

contract lawyer in Israel

Any lawyer in Israel specializing in editing contracts must put in mind several main issues, sometimes conflicting, for it to stand in any situation, including the test of the court. He obviously must protect the interests of the party's he represents in the agreement, but at the same time he needs to make sure he is not ''stretching the cord'' too much. As a law office specializing in contracts editing we always find a way to safeguard the interests of our clients keeping in mind that there is a business deal here to facilitate and ensure. in our experience, one can always find a creative solution to any business or legal problem arises during any deal. Creative, out of the box, solutions, makes our office a leading contract law firm. We invite you to consult with us, in the various ways proposed in our website, with issues relating to any agreements you signed, or intend to sign.

עורך דין וחוזים - מבחן בתי המשפט

contract lawyer - the court test

How will the agreement stand the test of court, this is a question that every lawyer should ask during, and at the end of any contract he is editing. Israeli contract law and the court's rulings, old and new, along with his legal experience, are any contract lawyer toolbox when he is editing any legally binding agreement.

הסכמים מסחריים וחוזים עסקיים

Commercial agreements and business contracts 

Mr. Yaron Bar El (a lawyer in Israel for 15 years now) background with business and commercial contracts is apparent from his rich experience in litigating contractual claims in court. Among our many successful cases we can mention the famous court verdict that granted our client 25% of a high-tech company based on an agreement "note" that included no more than three lines. The following are some of the agreements we edit and represent our clients with:

Commercial Agreements | Founders Agreement | Prenuptial Agreements | Investment contracts | Share purchase agreements | Loan Agreements | Partnership Agreements | Franchise Agreements | Development agreements | sale and purchase of an apartment Contracts | Arbitration Contracts | Financial Relations Contracts | Marketing Agreements | Exclusive contracts | Memorandum | And other contracts, commercial and private.

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