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Specialization in Corporate Law

for more than 14 years now, Mr. Yaron Bar El, a lawyer in Israel, represents companies and shareholders, from Israel and from all over the world with complex procedures relating to corporate law. We appear for our clients before the Israeli authorities such as the Registrar of Companies and government offices and before the courts. Our main objectives as law firm dealing with corporate law is to allow the company to have legal peace of mind, while we are working in the background to ensure exactly that. The complexity any corporate lawyer deals with manifests not only through the relationships with outside factors like competitors, clients and government authorities - Often shareholders don't always see eye to eye on the continuing operations of the Company. Yaron has extensive experience in proceedings involving disputes between shareholders and the relationships between the majority and the minority shareholders.

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Corporate Lawyer in Israel

Over the last 15 years Mr. Yaron Bar El, as a leading lawyer in Israel, accumulated knowledge and experience representing variety of   companies and shareholders (majority and minority), with an even wider variety of corporate law issues. More importantly, our firm has gained experience and understanding of the business reality in which the company operate in Israel, whether it is an individual, a family or a public company. Maintaining the Company normal operation even during Court procedures with third parties is a principle of our firm is careful to keep. The same goes for conflicts between controlling shareholders. In our opinion there is a great importance to maintain good relationships between the partners (even if eventually they go separate ways) to keep the value of the company. This should be the main concern of the parties – even if they reached a deadlock. 

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