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Civil and Commercial law Office in Israel

Our firm's expertise as a law office in Israel is civil and commercial law. Years of experience as a law firm specializing in drafting contracts and litigation in various matters relating to contracts law, representing companies and shareholders in and out of courts in Israel with corporate law disputes, representing creditors and debtors with the execution office proceedings, And litigation in respect to real estate in Israel. In addition, our firm is the sole representative of GCS in Israel and represents companies and individuals from Israel and around the world with international debt collection matters.

Among our clients in respect of debt collection are Google (Ireland), the technology giant Savox from Finland and many other companies around the world.

בר אל ירון, משרד עורכי דין

professional and Personal representation

For over 15years, our firm has been a leading law firm in Israel representing individuals and companies dealing with a variety of civil and commercial law cases.  Over the years we learned repeatedly that the key to success is a lawyer who understands not only the court but more importantly the client. We believe that the most creative solutions come from cooperation and a deep understanding of the client's needs - this is actually the secret of our success both in and out of court.

Yaron Bar el, attorney at law

Born in 1971, Israel, successfully completed his LL.B. and was admitted to the Israel Bar Association since 2004. Yaron specializes in commercial and civil litigation representing as a lawyer in Israel international companies, mainly in business disputes with Israeli companies, as well as private clients dealing with civil and commercial lawsuits. Many of the cases represented by Yaron was covered by the Israeli media. Yaron is proud to be an active volunteer for non-profit organizations in Israel for representation of the underprivileged against Israeli government offices and companies.
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our expertise - Commercial and Civil Law

Unique expertise in commercial and civil law (lawyer in Israel). for the last 15 years now we represent our clients in the different Israeli courts and goverment offices. Our deep understanding of the challenges our clients face each and every day helps us think diffrent. Here are our firm's areas of expertise:

עורך דין חוזים 9

contract law

 15 years of experience in diverse contracts and contract law cases, including litigation. 

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עורך דין חברות 9

Corporate Law

Corporates establishment, Firms and Shareholders representation and litigation.

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עורך דין הוצאה לפועל 9

Execution Office Law

Representation and litigation for debtors and creditors with the execution office.

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עורך דין פשיטת רגל 9

Bankruptcy Law

Representation and litigation with bankruptcy proceedings, getting the discharge of debt order.

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עורך דין מקרקעין 9

Real Estate Law

Editing various real estate contracts and litigation with cases regarding real estate laws.

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עורך דין עובדים זרים

Debt Collection in Israel

Professional debt collection services in Israel | No Collection No fee 

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